Women in Leadership Panel

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We are hosting a special panel for Women in Leadership with a focus on tech, startups, investing, founders, and entrepreneurs during this program with a panel discussion. This is a chance to mingle informally  for high level networking. This panel is free to attendees.

Would you like to sponsor this session and a cocktail party afterwards? You can speak on the panel, give a talk, receive the attendee list; and advance promotion and marketing.  Send an email to sponsor@angellaunch.com and request the sponsorship prospectus.

3:00-4;00 Panel
4:00-5:00 Networking in Showcase Demo

If you would like to speak on this panel or suggest a speaker, send an email to speak@angellaunch.com.
This program features a panel of CEOs, founders and investors; followed by  a high energy networking reception.

We feature women as CEOS, founders, investors, tech executives, leaders and innovation. We also invite sponsors to support this prestigious event.  We will also feature women owned startups giving a demo and pitching to investors.  Our panel of investors, founders, and startups that raised funding will address their background, experiences, describe what they look for in potential investments, and how women can gain access to capital.  Our panel will address these issues:

  • How can women be successful in fundraising and financing of early-stage ventures?
  • What are challenges and obstacles for women raising funds in startups and in the investment community?
  • Do women offer a different perspective when considering investments?
  • What is role of mentorships and how do you find them?
  • How do you pitch for VC/Angel funding?
  • What is the lifestyle? What do you sacrifice to make it all work with long work weeks?
  • Who are the trail blazers and risk takers?
  • Why are so few women founding tech startups or taking leadership roles at tech industry?
  • How do men and women differ in their approach to tech innovation?
  • We discuss these common perception. Which are true; which are myth; which are assets, and which should we change?