What to Expect

Angel Launch is a leading producer in Silicon Valley of events connecting startups and high growth public companies to early and mid stage investors. Invited investors include: angels, VCs, corporate, academic, and early stage and emerging growth companies, researchers, incubators and service providers.  We offer comp tickets to qualified investors; and will select presenting companies seeking funds from the global marketplace. .

We have produced hundreds of networking events for over 15 years, and attended many others to see what format works best for the most effective networking and fundraising. 

This event features morning panels on top trends in different markets both tech and nontech; and investor and startups strategies for success. Our focus will be on investors addressing investor trends in different markets, and investor strategies for success.   Our tracks are divided by sector so you can select your area of investment. The remainder of the day will feature investment tracks with presenting companies.

We gather the most innovative CEOs from startups public companies, investors and corporate executives in the heart of Silicon Valley. We include keynotes, panels and fireside chats with industry influencers on top trends and market opportunities in many sectors, including tech, consumer goods, products and services.

Most events either focus on startups pitching investors in tech; or publicly held companies presenting to institutional investors. This unique event combines STARTUPS AND PUBLIC COMPANIES so attendees can attend tracks in any area of their choice; and learn about new markets they may not have previously considered. All this is combined with superb networking opportunities to foster meaningful deal flow.

We have one goal in mind, to create  the best possible experience for entrepreneurs to create business contacts, make deals, and establish partnerships.

What to Expect For Entrepreneurs and Public Companies:

  • Meet entrepreneurs, CEOS, and executives from newly launched, early and mid stage ventures to share ideas
  • Network with angel investors, persons of high net worth, incubators, VCs, and established investment funds seeking investment opportunities
  • Hear presentations from experts including successful entrepreneurs and investors
  • Explore innovative concepts with thought leadership and key industry influencers
  • Connect with prospective partners, advisors  and customers to expand your distribution channels.
  • Learn from deep dive sessions for vertical markets, like mobile, social media, entertainment and media, eCommerce, web services and applications, retail, consumer products, and small business operations.
  • Develop strategies that enhance your company’s growth and market share.

What to Expect for Investors and  Corporate Partners:

  • Get a first look at newly launched technologies and services with promising potential.
  • Hear presentations from emerging technology, digital media, web services, mobile  companies and industry leaders.
  • Make valuable connections with investors from other cities, corporate funds, and Angel groups.
  • Attend sessions specifically focused on investor education.
  • Meet CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, and others all  in one place