Sponsor or Demo

We invite you to become a sponsor or exhibitor.
If you are a startup, private or public company, you can host a demo table or present to a session of investors..
If you are a service provider or solution provider, you can raise your brand profile and reach customers.

Contact us at Sponsor@AngelLaunch.com to  request a pricing prospectus or call 310 621-6850

The fees for sponsorship categories range from $295-$6,995.

If you are an incubator or investment firm, we have special categories and benefits  you can view here.

Our attendees are forward-thinking, entrepreneurial decision makers with buying authority, and investors. Many of our exhibitors and sponsors have signed major contracts with customers they met at our events. We plan our day with exhibitors in mind to maximize your traffic and networking opportunity.

We hold the morning break and afternoon reception in the exhibit hall to drive interest in your product. Our past conference exhibit halls have sold out; each event becomes bigger and better.

We offer sponsors a chance to host a workshop; give a presentation; private meetings set up in advance with speakers; advance emails sent to our attendees; and attendee list.

  • Do you have products, services, or expertise that will help newly launched and early stage companies grow their business?
  • Do you hold expert knowledge which will assist investors in selecting and managing their portfolio companies?
  • Can you demonstrate strategies or products to ensure success for small business owners in today’s tough economic climate?

Why You Should Become a Sponsor or an Exhibitor:

  • Obtain exposure for your executives on panel or keynote
  • Receive attendee list for follow up leads for business development and clients
  • Increase press exposure with advance press list and onsite interviews
  • Improve your company image and enhance your brand to new markets and clients

Angel Launch, based in Silicon Valley, is bringing its brand  LaunchFest brand to Las Vegas the day before CES 2016. We invite you to demo, sponsor or speak at this event. This is the 9th year that we have produced an investment or tech forum at CES but we are not affiliated with CES.  Due to our huge database, we already have 500 registered for this event and expect over 1,000 to attend. This event connects investors to exceptional high growth startups and public companies along with investors seeking new opportunities.  This program is independently produced and not affiliated with CES.

Startups, incubators/accelerators, investment banks, insurance, banks, law firms, crowdfunding platforms, accounting firms, law firms, localization firms, human resources, travel, hosting, professional service providers, and tech solution providers .

The program is 9am until 3pm with a lunch break.  The Demo Showcase is open from noon to 4pm.


Attendees Receive Free General Tickets
General admission tickets to attendees are free. We have begun promotion and over 500 already registered in just a few weeks. We have one or two sessions at one time for the program; and adjacent room for demo tables and networking.

VIP Tickets/ Lunch with Investors and industry buyers
Attendees can upgrade to deluxe tickets which includes lunch with investors and partners.  Attendees can also purchase a pitch presentation to investors. VIP Ticket includes electronic copy of entire attendee list (names, companies, titles).

Speak on Panel
Sponsors can host a panel on a specific topic; and provide other speakers from clients, or we provide speakers. Your benefits include speaking or moderating; or giving a presentation.

Exhibit in Demo Showcase or Pitch Investors on Panel
The demo showcase is open from noon to 4pm. Demo tables include six foot draped table, chairs and  WiFi. You can purchase electrical outlets, dedicated Internet line or other furniture from the hotel. You can also register to pitch investors during panel.

Receive Advance Attendee List
Higher levels of sponsorship receive entire attendee lists in excel in ADVANCE. This way you can use the list to set up your own meetings during the week of CES2016 to maximize your marketing and sales strategy.||

Women in Leadership Panel and Networking
We are having one session with a focus on women in leadership for tech, corporate executives, investors and founders of startups. This session can be followed by networking reception. As part of your sponsorship package, you can add on sponsorship of this session.

We Promote Your Own Private Event during CES
You  host a private event of your choice at a different time or venue (such as breakfast,  dinner or cocktail party at CES) which we will promote for you. You handle your own logistics and cover any expenses directly for your event with venue of your choice.  We promote your event to our attendees and partners by email.  You can select those whom you want to invite once they express interest..

During our program in an adjacent room, EAEC is producing  a Business-to-Business  matchmaking event.  We are pleased to partner with EAEC, a private member-driven social enterprise and Network (eight US and EU chapters).  EAEC is also part of the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network (EEN: 600+ organizations in Europe, and a worldwide presence), and aims at promoting Transatlantic cooperation, collaboration, trade and investment between European and North-American companies, institutions and economic regions while fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

EAEC maintains a first-class database of expert professionals in the areas of tech, infrastructure  transport, aerospace, energy, biotech, and hospitality in the US and Europe, both in private organizations and in public regulatory entities and authorities.  EAEC members assist both European companies seeking to operate invest in North America, and North American companies seeking to operate or invest in Europe. We offer access to clients, distribution channels and decision-making ecosystems/hubs thru the entire market development cycle.

Over 500 European and US early and mid-stage companies will hold private 20 minute meetings with investors, manufacturers, distributors and customers. As a platinum sponsor of Launchfest  you will also receive sponsorship benefits from EAEC.


Angel Launch has produced hundreds of events at CES, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles connecting startups and high growth public companies to early and mid stage investors.  Invited investors include: angels, VCs, corporate, academic, and  early stage and emerging growth companies, researchers, incubators and service providers.   Over the last 10 years, over 30,000 investors and companies attended our events with glowing reviews.

Since we have produced events for over 15 years, we attract qualified investors which includes accredited investors, high net worth individuals and angels, and institutional investors. Examples include;

  • Angels, VCs, private equity, Institutional investors
  • Banking, trading and brokerage firms, buy and sell side analysts
  • Family offices, wealth managers, hedge funds, portfolio and wealth managers

Startups both early and late stage will present from 1 to 20 minutes to a panel of judges and investors.

About to Launch or Early Startup or Emerging/ Mid stage Startup or High Growth

    • Seeking seed funding or Series A or annual revenues under $1M
    • Seeking Series A-C or later stage financing or annual revenues  over $1M
    • Annual Revenues over $20M/ Not required but could consider IPO in 12-24 monthsTYPES OF COMPANIES THAT ATTEND OR PRESENT:
  • Apparel, accessories, and home appliances and furnishings
  • Automotive, connected car, and telematics
  • Consumer electronics and retail goods, products and services
  • Educational Technologies
  • Energy and Clean Tech solutions
  • Enterprise, business and professional services
  • Financial Services
  • Gaming and virtual reality
  • Hardware, wearables, music, audio
  • Health, fitness, and wellness services, tech solutions, health IT, mobile apps
  • Internet and digital media
  • Media and entertainment, film, TV, music
  • Manufacturing, industrial and fabrication
  • Mobile apps and devices, Telecom
  • Renewable Energy and Clean Tech solutions
  • Semiconductors, chips, electronics
  • Smart City Technologies
  • Software, Hardware, IT, Networking, Infrastructure, and Big Data
  • Tech
  • Wearables

Demo tables open from noon to 4pm. Set up after 10am. Tables include six foot draped tables with Wifi and two chairs. You can bring any signage or banners for the demo table or on the floor.  If you have specific needs, we are pleased to offer a customized package according to your budget. All categories are nonexclusive.

Presenting Sponsor:   

  1. 20 minutes keynote  at general session
  2. You are listed as Presenting sponsor in all website, emails, and marketing promotion
  3. Attendee list (full contact info, opt-in)
  4. Moderate or speak  on two panels or serve as a judge
  5. Demo table
  6. Logo/link on web page and email announcements
  7. Description on sponsor page on website
  8. 8 VIP tickets
  9. Your Logo on Badges (you provide printed badges which we use)
  10. Message or Video from Your Company on Homepage
  11. Promotion of Your Own Event:
    You can host a private event of your choice for our attendees (such as dinner or cocktail party at CES after our event) which we will promote for you. You handle your own logistics and cover any expenses directly for your event with venue of your choice.  We promote your event to our attendees and partners by email.  You can decide whom to invite from those who express interest.

EAEC Benefits Included:

  1. B2B Matchmaking attendee lists (full contact info, opt-in)
  2. Registration at B2B Matchmaking event for 2 persons
  3. 5 min interview by EAEC which will be inserted on the EAEC web site and partner blogs
  4. Logo/link on EAEC B2B Matchmaking platform home page and email announcements
  5. Logo on B2B Matchmaking event collaterals (flyers/brochures; electronic and paper versions)
  6. 200 word company description on B2B Matchmaking platform/website
  7. 200 word company description in B2B Matchmaking program guide, with contact info


  1. 20 minutes keynote at general session
  2. Attendee list (full contact info, opt-in)
  3. Moderate or speak at panel or serve as a judge
  4. Demo table
  5. Logo/link on web page and email announcements
  6. Description on sponsor page on website
  7. Message or Video from Your Company on Homepage
  8. 6 VIP tickets
  9. Your Logo on Lanyards (you provide lanyard materials) 

Women in Leadership Panel: 

  1. Speak or moderate on panel
  2. 10 minutes talk or demo
  3. Listing in website guide with description
  4. Promotion in email marketing as sponsor of this sessions
  5. Host reception following this session (additional fees for food or drink at your discretion; ordered directly from venue.)
  6. 20 tickets to panel
  7. 4 VIP tickets


  1. 10 minutes demo or talk
  2. Moderate or speak at a panel or serve as a judge
  3. Demo table
  4. Description on sponsor page on website
  5. Logo/link on web page and email announcements
  6. 6 VIP tickets


  1. 5 minutes demo/presentation
  2. Demo Table
  3. Description on sponsor page on website
  4. Logo/link on web page and email announcements
  5. 4 VIP tickets 


  1. 3 minutes demo/presentation
  2. Demo Table
  3. Description on sponsor page on website
  4. Logo/link in  email announcements
  5. 3 tickets

Demo Table 12pm to 4pm in Showcase:

  1. Demo Table-Six foot table, tablecloth, two chairs, Wifi.
  2. Listing in website guide with description
  3. 2 VIP tickets

Startups Pitch to Investors: Pitch to Present to Judges and Demo Table  in Showcase

  1. Add Demo Table -Six foot table, tablecloth, two chairs, Wifi.
  2. Description on sponsor page on website with logo