Investors/Experts Apply to Speak or Judge

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We have two types of speaking spots, investors and experts. All speakers receive a comp Deluxe ticket with lunch. We invite investors to speak on panel, and then judge startups pitching the panel.

Investors Apply Here:
To apply to be a judge for an investor ticket, REGISTER HERE.  Alternatively, If you prefer to send us an email and have us register you, send email with information at the end of this page to  
About Investor Venture Pitch Judge
We invite investors as judges and speakers. You will listen to selected startups give a short pitch in your area of expertise, and give your comments or ask questions.

About Panel Speaker Who are Not Investors
We invite experts or corporate executives to speak on panels or give presentations.

Judges must be engaged in investing their own funds or their firm for these categories:

  • Angel investors
  • Strategic investors
  • Venture capitalist or private equity
  • Investment banker
  • Government
  • Academic
  • Incubators or microfunds
To apply to SPEAK OR JUDGE, send an email to with JUDGE in subject line with this info:
1. Speaker name and twitter handle
2. Company, title, email and phone number.; same info for PR speaker handler or assistant
3. Examples of investments
4. Bio or link to bio or LinkedIn page
5. Indicates areas of interest: early stage startups, mid stage startups, private, public
6. Indicate track from list below for your areas of interest:
  1. Enterprise: Big data, analytics, software
  2. Hardware: devices, consumer electronics, wearables, sensors
  3. Games: mobile, social, platforms, console, web
  4. Consumer: Digital media, content, music, games, video, Tv, film
  5. Internet of Things: enterprise, consumer, devices
  6. Connected Cars and automotive
  7. Health and wellness: sensors, mobile and digital solutions, medical devices
  8. CleanTech/Green Tech
  9. Mobile: Apps, Platforms, Tablets, iOS, Android, Windows
  10. Security: privacy, data, monitoring
  11. Suggest a topic we are missing

All investors are encouraged to join in our partner program Business Matchmaking which takes place in an adjacent room. You can choose any meetings you want to hold; there is no obligation and its entirely in your hands.

During our program in an adjacent room, EAEC is producing  a Business-to-Business  matchmaking event.   We are pleased to partner with EAEC, a private member-driven social enterprise and Network (eight US and EU chapters).  EAEC is also part of the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network (EEN: 600+ organizations in Europe, and a worldwide presence), and aims at promoting Transatlantic cooperation, collaboration, trade and investment between European and North-American companies, institutions and economic regions while fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

EAEC maintains a first-class database of expert professionals in the areas of tech, infrastructure  transport, aerospace, energy, biotech, and hospitality in the US and Europe, both in private organizations and in public regulatory entities and authorities.  EAEC members assist both European companies seeking to operate invest in North America, and North American companies seeking to operate or invest in Europe. We offer access to clients, distribution channels and decision-making ecosystems/hubs thru the entire market development cycle.

Over 500 European and US early and mid-stage companies will hold private 20 minute meetings with investors, manufacturers, distributors and customers. As a platinum sponsor of Launchfest  you will also receive sponsorship benefits from EAEC.